Things that you should not write in the wedding cards when you give to others

wedding cards

When it comes to the a wedding card many guests would struggle without knowing what to write inside wedding card and what are the things to be avoided.

When your friends or a family member decided to tie the most important thing that is required for them to share is their love towards each other so it is required for you to say congratulation to them and not funny things. Few things not to say on a wedding card are follows

  • Avoid writing the funny jokes this would sometimes irritate the couples.
  • It is well and good for you to not mention the amount of the money that you have spend for buying gift.
  • It would not be good when you write your name because writing your name on that would change as normal once.
  • Avoid writing one sided message on wedding gift.
  • Don’t write any negative comments above the wedding cards.
  • Avoid certain things and quotes which have to be added in it.

If you write as like this then sure it would create a great disappointment for the person who receives that from you.

Impress your beloved once through expressive wishes

But it does not require that you have to put a lot of effort for writing the cards. A simple formal with love is more than enough. You can write with a cute love towards your brother or sister, congratulate them and appreciate them as a token of care, send impressive wishes which they like to read again and again.

  • You can start communicating up your excitements in the form of words and sure this would help you.
  • You can add some of the religious elements which can act as a spiritual element for strengthening your relationship.
  • Choose the correct stationery things that should match up overall feel on the weddings.
  • It is required for you to address both the brides and groom.
  • You can include the attractive quotes from it.

Simple tips that you can follow

  • It is required for you to wish them to have a wonderful ceremony that should be fully filled up with the wonderful sweet memories.
  • You can wish them with a warm and everlasting life that would be fully filled up with their love.
  • There is a great need for your weddings and even to have a better life together.
  • Congratulate up through saying all the best and good luck for their attractive future.

Avoid bringing the passages to the negative side and add some stuff as like you wish them that your love and happiness should increase up and grow up old together with love. You can write that, may you share up your precious moments together and convey that you are happy for them. They would celebrate the day together and wish them a lifetime of happiness and love. At last in the end you can add thank you for letting to share their happiness.